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Fluidmaster PRO75B Side Float Valve, 1/2" Brass Tail

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Fluidmaster Side Entry Compact Valve, 1/2" Brass Tail

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Fluidmaster PRO75B Side Float Valve, 1/2" Brass Tail


The Fluidmaster ½” Brass Tail Compact Float valve is a part 4 valve and is manufactured to BS1212 standards.

Why Buy?

  • BS1212 part 4
  • Quiet filling mechanism
  • 1/2" Brass Tail
  • Fits most cisterns
  • Anti-siphon design prevents contamination of fresh water supply
  • Suitable for high or low pressure
  • Easy and Simple installation


BS1212 Part 4

BS1212 is a British Standard of manufacturing, so you can be assured that the product will be of high quality specification, design and build. Part 4 valves are equilibrium valves - they manage the pressure of the water within the valve to give assisted shut off and hydraulically open the inlet, for a fast, smooth and quiet operation of the water returning into the cistern after flushing.

1/2" Brass Tail

Supplied with a threaded 1/2" brass tail, this will help prevent cross threading and will fit most plastic or ceramic UK cisterns with a 1/2" inlet, making installation as easy as possible.

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SKU SP026377
Manufacturer Fluidmaster
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