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Beta Drain Rod Set, 4 Tools

Item Code: SP025788
Beta flexible drain rod set complete with plunger, double worm, drop scraper and guide wheel are designed for cleaning and unblocking drains.

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Beta Drain Rod Set, 4 Tools

Why Buy?

  • Save time and money
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible and resistant to snapping
  • Supplied with rubber plunger, double worm screw, drop scraper and guide wheel
  • Professional and heavy duty
  • Universal brass fitting
  • Manufactured in the UK

What’s included?

Beta professional drain rod set is supplied with 10 polypropylene black drain rods 3/4” diameter x 3ft with brass ferrules, rubber plunger, double worm screw, drop scraper and guide wheel


Have you got a blocked drain? Would you like to avoid the cost of a call out? Beta flexible drain rods are sturdy and robust and resistant to cracking and snapping.

Please note, drain rod rotation must always be in a clockwise direction to avoid parting.

Save time and money

Avoid the cost of an expensive call out with this professional drain rod set which is supplied strapped together and polybagged

Easy to use

Drain rods simply screw together to a maximum length of 30ft to help you clean, clear or unblock your drain, sewer or gutter

Flexible and resistant to snapping

Manufactured from flexible polypropylene, Beta drain rods are ideal for use with awkward shaped pipe systems as they can go round tight turns, bends and corners

Rubber plunger

Rubber plunger removes most obstructions in your drain. Simply insert into blocked drain and the build up of pressure of water will force the obstruction clear

Double worm screw

Double worm screw screws into soft materials, making withdrawal easy. Simply insert into blocked drain and turn clockwise to break up obstructions

Drop scraper

Drop scraper hinged blade passes over obstruction and reverts back to vertical position, allowing obstruction to be dragged back to operator

Guide wheel

Brass guide wheel, guides drain rods around tight or difficult bends

Universal brass fitting

Beta drain rods are joined by brass ferrules, which are then riveted to the polypropylene for maximum strength and durability

Professional and heavy duty

Beta drain rods are 3/4” in diameter and are for general purpose use, small diameter drains or flues, and septic tanks

Manufactured in the UK

Manufactured in the UK from flexible polypropylene these high quality fittings are suitable for use with drain systems

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