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Fluidmaster PRO45B Bottom Float Valve, 1/2" Brass Tail

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Item Code: SP026378
The Fluidmaster 1/2" Brass Tail Bottom Entry Compact Valve is a reliable replacement toilet float valve manufactured to BS1212 standards.

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Fluidmaster PRO45B Bottom Float Valve, 1/2" Brass Tail

Why Buy?

  • BS1212 Part 4 Quiet Filling
  • Anti-siphon design prevents contamination of fresh water supply
  • Compatible with most cisterns
  • 1/2" brass tail
  • High pressure or low pressure
  • Easy to install


The 1/2" Fluidmaster Bottom Entry Brass Tail Compact Valve is manufactured to BS1212 standard. This is a simple and easy valve to install and is compatible with most cisterns.

BS1212 Part 4

BS1212 is a British Standard of manufacturing, so you can be assured that the product will be of high quality specification, design and build. Part 4 valves are equilibrium valves - they manage the pressure of the water within the valve to give assisted shut off and hydraulically open the inlet, for a fast, smooth and quiet operation of the water returning into the cistern after flushing.

1/2" Brass Tail

Supplied with a threaded 1/2" brass tail (also known as a brass shank), this will fit most plastic or ceramic UK cisterns with a 1/2" inlet, making installation as easy as possible.

Easy to Install

This product could not be easier to install. Once the water flow to the toilet has been shut off and the cistern has been drained of all water. Remove the old valve, unscrew the nut from the inlet thread, place inside cistern (inlet hole), seal and re-attach the nut onto the inlet thread. Once the water level has been set to the desired height, turn the water back on for testing.

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SKU SP026378
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Fluidmaster Youtube Channel explains how to install the Fluidmaster Bottom Entry Fill Valve.