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Sioux Chief Water Hammer Arrestor 3/4" Washing Machine Dishwasher Fitting Mini Rester

Item Code: SP026087

Stop banging pipes and noise on washing machines and dishwashers with this this easy to install water hammer arrester 660-H. Suitable for all makes and models and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Product Description

Why Buy?

  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for all washing machines and dishwashers
  • Fits directly onto washing machine inlet and hose
  • Quietens noisy and banging pipes
  • Prevents water hammer
  • Reduces pressure surges and damage
  • Lifetime guarantee

If you'd like to know more about selecting the right water hammer repair equipment, you can view our Water Hammer Buying Guide .

What’s included?
Sioux chief water hammer washing machine 3/4” BSP mini rester 660-H, hose outlet washer and instruction guide


Do you hear a loud bang when your washing machine stops filling? Sioux chief water hammer arresters are designed to cure pipes banging. The 660-H washing machine and dishwasher mini rester is suitable for DIY or plumber install.

Easy to install

Supplied with all the parts you need, it’s really simple to fit the water hammer arrester. Comes with a DIY screw attachment to simply connect directly onto washing machine inlet and hose

water hammer1

Suitable for all washing machines and dishwashers

The 660-H Sioux chief water hammer arresters are compatible with all makes and models of washing machines and dishwashers including LG, Samsung and more

water hammer 2

Fits directly onto washing machine and dishwashers

Easy to fit directly onto washing machine inlet and hose, no other parts needed. The pack also comes with an outlet hose washer and instruction guide

water hammer 3

Quietens noisy and banging pipes

Using a water hammer arrestor, such as the 660-H Sioux chief mini rester it removes the cause of the characteristic hammering pipes. It is the perfect solution to fix water hammer and banging pipes

water hammer 4

Prevents water hammer

The Sioux chief 660-H washing machine mini rester inserts an absorbing cushion of air, reducing momentum of water flowing through pipes, preventing pressure waves that cause water hammer

water hammer 5

Reduces pressure surges and damage

The Sioux Chief Mini Rester inserts a cushion of air to the pipe. This air absorbs the shock of fast moving water, reducing momentum and therefore pressure. This prevents damage that water hammer can cause to pipework

water hammer 6

Lifetime guarantee

The Sioux chief water hammer arrestor 3/4" BSP comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you experience any issues or have any questions, you can Contact a Member of the Team.

Additional Information
Additional Information
SKU SP026087
Compatible with No
Manufacturer Sioux Chief
Lever Type No
Customer Reviews (32)
Much better
I bought the mini rester in an attempt to overcome severe "whip crack" like water hammer. This small, and very easy to fit rester, has greatly reduced the shock. I`ll be buying a different type for the main cold water pipe in an attempt to overcome the noise completely.

I would definitely recommend the mini rester.
Review by Andrew (Posted on 22/03/2021)
Does the job just fine
I bought this after purchasing a new washing machine. The water hammer due to the fast closing valve was terrible. Bought this in the hope that it would sort the issue. Arrived swiftly and fitted in less than 10 mins. Ran the washer to test and no water hammer at all. Really pleased with it and highly recommend it to anyone with similar issues. Review by DIY Dave (Posted on 17/03/2021)
Easy to fit, did the job
Had a new washer dryer and instantly noticed that the on/off of the water when drying was significantly louder and more frequent than the previous one... After some googling, discovered 'water hammer' was a thing, so ordered this.

Super quick to fit, just installed to the back of the washer, and then the pipe to it, all finger tight, and job done!
Review by Steve (Posted on 27/01/2021)
Mini Tester for dishwasher.
Arrived very quickly
Had already installed one of these but still had hammering pipes. So installed a second one and yes all good now. Would recommend and buying from sparespro.
Super fast delivery.
Review by RI (Posted on 26/01/2021)
Works a treat
Does exactly what we needed it to. Before installing this, we had water hammer every time we used the washing machine and this has put a stop to that. Arrived promptly and very easy to install. Review by Lucas (Posted on 15/12/2020)
Banging pipes
Great product no more banging pipes, speedy delivery & great price. Review by Johnn (Posted on 06/12/2020)
Does the job perfectly, no more banging pipes from the new washing machine. A doddle to fit, took longer to pull the washer out than it did to fit it. Review by LH (Posted on 26/05/2020)
Simple solution to washing machine pipe hammer
Simple to install and solved the pipe hammer problem instantly. Great product, fair price.
Review by summers1510 (Posted on 20/05/2020)
Great fix
Stopped loud pipe banging immediately. Easy to fit, prompt delivery, very happy. Review by Hammo (Posted on 19/05/2020)
Excellent easy to use product
Water hammer being caused by my fairly new Samsung washing machine now completely gone. Highly effective product and very straightforward to fit. Much easier, in fact, than getting the blasted washing machine of its cubbyhole. Review by Ricolas (Posted on 06/05/2020)
Cured water hammer from washing machine fill valve
Highly recommended. Easy to fit, and effectively cured water hammer from washing machine fill valve. Can be fitted direct to inlet tap (To save space) or to back of machine. Review by Roy (Posted on 28/04/2020)
Great service offered. Good delivery speed and the product as described. Fitted in 5 minutes and works.

Overall great service and product provided
Review by Djs (Posted on 28/04/2020)
It works fine
It took longer to extract it from the packaging than it did to fit in the cold water supply to my wife's new washing machine.
It was purchased with some urgency as the water hammer in the pipes, when the water inlet valve on the machine closed, was very worrying. I am glad to be able to say "problem solved".
Review by Bertie (Posted on 16/04/2020)
It works
Very quick delivery and easy to fit. As vertical space to fit upright was limited I was unsure if it would work correctly. However, packaging showed it horizontal so should not be an issue. Just in case I kept it as close to vertical as possible - worked a treat!! Review by ART (Posted on 16/04/2020)
Does the job
Had severe shock in pipes when washer-dryer was quickly injecting condensing water on the drying cycle.

This product requires no plumbing skill: just unscrew the washer water hose from the outlet and screw this in its place. Water hammer almost completely gone.

Sparespro delivery was quick.
Review by Neil (Posted on 16/04/2020)
Plain and simple "it works".
Plain and simple "it works". It's a great bit of kit that stops the pipes knocking and me thinking about the damage this could cause. Would buy this again without question and from Sparespro as they are a very reliable supplier with fast delivery. Thanks Review by Ted (Posted on 23/01/2020)
No more water hammer
Excellent product , fitted to washing machine. Suffered from water hammer when washing machine was going through its cycle. Also banging pipes when upstairs toilet was flushed. Since fitting product ( 5 minute job) no more banging pipes. Excellent. Would highly recommend. Review by Paul (Posted on 10/01/2020)
Stops water hammer very well
I already had a Sioux Chief water hammer device fitted which has done the job of stopping the hammering from the washing machine for may years.
As with everything they don't last forever so ordered a replacement here. Good service and reasonable delivery costs
Review by Brian (Posted on 19/06/2019)
Received product very quickly and fitted in about 5 minutes. I wish I had heard of these gizmos before because they certainly do what they say they do.
New washing machines seem to fill and empty more frequently than older ones so you notice the banging more. But the banging is a thing of the past since I fitted this arrester.
Review by Wiff (Posted on 04/04/2019)

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